Sale of computers and components​

Technology is developing rapidly, but in most cases, manufacturers produce new models with minor changes in design or configuration. Many devices have not lost their relevance to date, although they were released 1-2 years ago. Bulmarknet offers a wide range of computer equipment and components, office equipment, and electronics at a price much more favorable than other offers in the market:

  • Servers and related products;
  • Personal computers, notebooks, and workstations;
  • Accessories for office equipment repair and modernization;
  • Peripherals – monitors, printers, and scanners;
  • Devices for telephony;
  • Industrial air conditioners and humidifiers;
  • Cameras and cell phones.

Bulmarknet store offers server systems, they are designed to store large volumes of information, create local networks, and corporate mail. With this technology, the convenience of work and information security grows many times. It is possible to control outgoing and incoming traffic, restore the system in case of errors, save internal data from external attacks. The store offers switches, routers, KVM switches, cabinets, and server racks.

You can buy computers and laptops of different configurations from us. Some models are not powerful, but their configuration is quite enough to work with text files and basic office software. Others have a configuration that allows you to use professional applications. In companies with already existing networks install thin clients, these machines are convenient to administer and can significantly reduce the cost of licensed software. The range includes computer equipment of such well-known brands as Dell, HP, Fujitsu, and many others.

No computer system can operate without peripherals, the system blocks are connected to control and visualization devices. On sale is a wide range of monitors, and a KVM console. In addition to these devices, you can find printers, scanners, multifunction devices, projectors for presentations, and conferences in the commission equipment store. All this equipment is used both by entrepreneurs and home users.

To create telephone internal telephone networks, both analog and digital, there are all necessary devices – mini PBX, telephone sets, fax machines. And for mobile communications, there are cell phones and smartphones.